Paul & Vic Married

    Saturday 26th March, 2011
    Reception | Awa Valley, Kumeu
    Creative Shoot | Maori Bay
    Assistance & second shooting by | Lisa Byrne

    And so the day began…off we (Lisa and I) went to Paul & Vic’s house to meet the boys! Paul was so calm… it was awesome. He was more worried about Vic as she was a little emotional that morning. Sweet eh. He is one of the few men I have come across that tied his tie with ease, in fact I missed the shot altogether cause he did it so fast and it was just there! :D

    Lisa and I were having our wicked way with the rings out on the deck… taking loads of care not to drop them through the cracks!! Hang them up in a wee tree? Why not!


    So, after 10mins (man the boys have it good) They were ready for a few shots and of course a beer. The lighting was super tricky with the sun blazing, but we just went with the flow… I love all the lines.


    Next up we go to the City Life Hotel in Auckland, where Vic has the “Directors Suite”! So flash! Lisa and I got straight into doing detail shots… Here are a couple of mine….


    Down at MAC in the Chancery, the ladies are getting their make up done… This is Vic…


    Next stop, Awa Valley Vineyard. Paul, like 99% of blokes, is struggling with his corsage. Cute :)


    Sweetness… no words needed, look at Paul’s face…


    Happy! Off to Maori Bay we go for some chill out time in the shade of the cliffs…


    And I will leave you with one of my favorite images for the day…  These two, I am convinced,
    are blessed! Look at the little love-heart in the sky!

    Thank you so much Paul & Vic for letting me in on your special day. It was such a lovely
    and relaxed affair and you certainly have some wonderful friends.

    All the best,
    Nykie x



    1. Heather Ellis
      March 2, 2011

      Stunning!!!! Really truly! And new blog? Looks amazing! Really truly! :-) x

    2. Angie
      March 2, 2011

      As always I love the photos Nykie, and love the new blog too. Its nice to hear the story with the photos….. Ax

    3. LIsa
      March 2, 2011

      Nykie, you ROCK!! These photos are amazing. You are super talented and did such an amazing job with the ever changing light. Love them! : )

    4. Koru
      March 7, 2011

      Sooooooooooooooo beautiful!! What a precious record of their special day.

    5. Carmen
      April 26, 2011

      Noo, clicked on your link from Facebook and got so entranced and sidetracked with your beautiful images. Love your attention to detail – all those special memories that you have captured so amazingly! You are very talented and your passion and love shows through every shot!


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