Ultimate Shoot Family Portrait Session!

    Earlier in 2013 I did “The Ultimate Shoot Competition” I wanted families to think about their uniqueness and how I could provide them with a shoot that reflected them & their personalities!

    I had SO SO MANY amazing entries. It really pleased me to read them all and imagine the shoots. I love it that I am creative and I always help families with their shoots, but ultimately, it’s you the client that can offer me an idea on a plate that I can run with!…

    Here is a shoot I did for Marie Waring and he UTTERLY gorgeous blended family….

    Her entry is here:



    I would like to enter your competition for the Shoot.
    So, firstly a bit of background – there’s 6 of us, 4 boys, my partner and little ol’ me, the only girl in a sea of men.
    I asked the boys (aged 5 – 14) “If we had a photo-shoot what would you do, how would you dress, what should we do?” to which the answers were….
    “Il be an indian!”
    “…a rugby player”
    “….a rockstar”
    and lastly…. “Id go naked” (awesome :-/ )
    So, not quite the answers I was looking for but it gave me an idea. In the day to day chaos of running our crazy & beautiful family, there isn’t much time for “us” time for my partner and I. I think we are always seen and Mum and step-dad, and never as a couple. We’re always a package of 6! I thought it would be funny and neat to incorporate us as a couple with the boys around us as they are always in the picture.
    So if it went something like this: A “romantically” set scene (sunset, long grass…etc…etc) with me and Jamie in the centre having a quiet “romantic” (cringe) embrace, with the boys around us in all their craziness, shooting arrows, tackling each other, paying guitar, and something else for the one that wants to be naked! hahaha.
    (I’m not very good at explaining things!)
    I think our family embodies exactly what your business catch phrase “crazy beautiful chaos” means.
    There is nothing more crazy, beautiful and chaotic than these four boys, especially when we are all together.
    If we were win this competition, I would be forever grateful (and would like to wish you goodluck shooting these boys)]
    Oh, and after shooting that part, I reckon we could have a paint fight!
    Thanks for reading
    Marie x



    001 006 005 004 003 002




    Beautiful boys hey!…. and I have to stop in here to say, Congratulations Marie!…..
    another baby on the way now!, what a hoot! ;) x

    PAINT FIGHT!!……………




    009  DSC_5748

    DSC_5756DSC_5745 DSC_5739 DSC_5735 DSC_5728 DSC_5727












    A family that laughs and throws paint together, stays together!




    Thank you for the fun rainy Matamata Mission!!
    I am going to get my butt down to your town again soon and check out Hobbiton!

    Nyk x

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