Simply Kids – Leo & Ash, Beach, Bugs & Mudpies!

    I love these shoots…. I think the images are self explanatory, so i will not go on! ;)
    They are such different boys, Ash (20 months) was off on his own little adventure and cruising about happily, while big brother Leo (3.5 years) liked to chat and discover and needed a little more guidance here and there. Such sweet boys…. we had a fun morning!

    St Heliers Beach at low tide, and then off to their house for some quint essential kiwi back yard fun!

    Enjoy :)

    (be warned!, worm image below)

    Simple natural portraits

    Thank you Ash & Leo, and mum Nicky!


    1. Tina
      August 26, 2011

      Love these photos! Gorgeous boys – gorgeous shoots Nykie! xxx

    2. Steph Hamilton
      August 26, 2011

      Love it!! Hurray for breaking out the color!! Such a new look for you…I like it! Love how you used color blocks in your blog post too, really highlighted the colors in the shoot! Love, love, love the nature connection too, the worms, bugs, and mud…….lovely shoot Nykie (as always)!!!

    3. Barb L
      August 27, 2011

      These are too good to be true! I simply adore the b/w of the 2 boys walking together at the beach.. These are really nice! Great work here!!! Kudos!


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