Be kind to newer photographers

    I was just sitting here on this rainy Auckland day having a cup of coffee
    while my toddler dunks HIS biscuit in my drink! :P
    …. And, I thought about what I consider to be my first
    *professional shoot! It was in September 2009,
    Twin girls Molly & Lucy…..

    (I think the rain on the window triggered me thinking
    about the first shot below)

    Here is a little collection of the shots:

    Children's Photography



    I thought it was super interesting that my inherent photographic style has hardly changed at all.
    I edit differently that’s for sure…. but the general gist of it is still there.

    What has changed a lot is the stuff you don’t see… the way I
    interact with my subjects, and how I manage my clients expectations. My workflow and understanding of
    accounting and all sorts of things.

    My editing has changed quite a lot…. I am glad I supplied these fairly clean edits to my client back then,
    but I also gave this Mamma some pretty awful cross processed ones where the children looked like
    walking Zombies! (blue & green skin tones). Having said that, who I am to say she didn’t like them though!
    And maybe she still does!
    Here are two………… I enjoyed making them look this way! I really did! And that’s completely cool…. (ha! pun!)

    LucyMolly_ (4)


    Imagine if I posted these somewhere and someone gave me some cruel feedback though………. back then I would have found it super
    hard to deal with! And I also think I needed to play with all kinds of edits and angles & problems to solve, cause that is how I learn!
    So go easy on newer peeps when you see them experimenting, it’s a really fun journey they are on!
    Leave them be unless they ASK you, and if they do ASK you, be constructive and help, give your time, and remember………

    “A rising tide lifts all Boats”


    Anyhoo, I won’t prattle on, cause long blog posts are quite frankly mind-numbing for those you like me with attention spans of Nats!
    (whatever a Nat is?!)

    This was just one of those little musings! I am still SO new to photography, and more-so, still so GREEN at running a business, but
    I am learning and changing all the time, and I am better than I was last week. What more can one ask for?

    I really have some stonkeringly fantastic clients, and equally superdooper mentors and friends! #winning

    Nyk xx


    * PS, I considered myself professional because I had put money
    & time into learning, producing a website, and I was invoicing clients
    and behaving in professional manner. I am “more” professional
    now, but I was still a pro, even as a newb, maybe not an expert pro!
    but a pro :)  xx

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