More Than A Mamma! A vintage inspired proposal!


    Emma & Alex

    So! This is how the story goes!  A quick run down… Emma wins a shoot & amazing package of goodies

    from Sacrifice Love Beauty! A few days after winning her partner Alex calls up and explains he has

    been waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose and asked if he could do it during the shoot! Of

    course we were stoked! Bring it on!  Bex from SLB kept in touch with him and we went about finding

    the perfect location.  That week the weather forecast revealed an issue…. rain! How unusual in

    Auckland eh? Ceara from SLB phoned up Alberton House to see if we could use their location and

    they were so very obliging! We will be forever grateful for that.

    After being made up by Sandi Cutts and dressed up by Bella Brides & Gondwana Heels… Emma was

    escorted to Alberton House by her lovely man Alex, and the shoot begun….  We were all

    wondering… Does she have any idea what is about to happen? We all had to really watch our

    mouths all morning and not let anything slip! It was quite nerve wracking…. She looked amazing…



    Engagement Shoot
    Auckland Engagement Photographer
    Proposal Photography

    So we place them on the Chaise Lounge that the lovely people at Alberton had put on the verandah

    for us and we all stepped back… This was Alex’s cue to do his thing… Emma was so confused. I had

    stopped directing and there was this long awkward silence while Alex gathered his thoughts. Then

    he stood and Emma got even more confused and it all played out before us….


    At first she thought he was joking around…. maybe this is part of the shoot?
    Oh hang on? there IS a ring there?….
    Will you marry me?

    Is this for real…..

    Real Proposal

    Indeed it is….

    Auckland Engagement Photographer
    Alberton House
    Happy Couple

    After the proposal the SLB Team, Myself & Assistant Elizabeth J Photography, and videographer

    Vanessa from IndigoMoon Productions all “took a walk” around the corner to give them some time to

    themselves! We were all looking with glee on the backs of our cameras to see what we had just

    witnessed…. tears were wiped away and goosebumps subsided and we carried on with the shoot….


    Photography Auckland
    Couple Photography
    Pretty Emma

    It was time to get out of the cold and into the studio. That week I called up Bret Lucas in a panic… I

    was worried about the weather and asked him please could be descend on him again and use his

    studio for an hour. We needed to get some safe shots in case the heavens opened… as it turns out the

    rain stayed away… But I am glad we did the studio shots now… I love them…. Thank you Fstop

    Studios… Bret you are so choice!


    Bonnie & Clyde inspired…. Enjoy….


    Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot
    Bonnie & Clyde
    New Zealand Mum

    After the studio we all went off in our crazy convoy of cars and met up at Sky City Grand Hotel!

    Wowee… what a magnificent place!….


    Here I had much fun playing with some off camera flash to create these vintage movie inspired



    Vintage Hotel Scene
    Bonnie & Clyde
    Sacrifice Love Beauty Winner
    Thank you Emma & Alex

    Thank you Emma & Alex, and congratulations. I feel so very very privileged to have witnessed such

    a special moment between you both and I wish you a lifetime of happiness!!


    Nykie x




















    1. Liz
      June 21, 2011

      What a fab blog post Nykie. The photos are amazing, and I’m sure they will treasure them and their generations after them will too. A truly wonderful story!

    2. Louisa
      June 21, 2011

      Stunning!! Absolutely gorgeous work and congratulations to all involved.

    3. Jodie Callagher
      June 21, 2011

      OMG Nyk these are the most amazing pictures love the antique / vintage look You are so so so talented and I cried looking at these what a moment to be able to capture forever WOW !!


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