Kids (young adults) Portrait Session! – Riverhead

    So we’re in Riverhead, near Coatesville, Auckland. We have a family portrait session all lined up… how about chucking a couch in an orchard! Of course!! Yes, I know… it’s all been done before… but I had to have my turn doing it too!

    These kids & teens were awesome to photograph. Really cruisy and fun to be around.


    Here is an outtake… I have no idea what was going on here! I think they were just having a ” yeah feelin’ kinda dorky” moment ;)

    Family Portrait


    First up for the individual portraits, we have Sam. He is actually in his soccer kit… we took photos of each of them in gear that represented their hobbies as well as some straight portraits like this… I LOVE his freckles!!

    kids photo shoot


    Next up we have Larissa, stunning isn’t she! A pleasure to photograph :)

    Family Portrait Photographer


    This is Carlos, who refused to smile for me. Ratbag. So in the end we went with the flow and I like the outcome.

    Teen Photographer


    And last by no means least, this is Mitchell who shoots targets. He was seriously easy to photograph! I wondering whether he should take up acting as well as shooting! ;)


    I cannot blog about this shoot without mentioning the apples! My word, I have never seen so many….!! The trees were oooozing with fruit. Here are some Gala & Red Delicious! YUM!!

    Orchard Photoshoot


    & home we all went! Thank you so much Tina for letting me photograph your kids. Loved it! ~ Nykie xxx


    1. Steph Hamilton
      March 29, 2011

      Nykie, this is just stunning!! I am amazed at how crisp and clear the apples look in the first shot, it’s almost as if they are jumping out from the trees but not so much as to take away from the kids. Love it!

      Beautiful shots, well done! Really nice post too, would love to take the kids there to pick apples, do they allow it?

    2. Nykie | Mistral
      March 29, 2011

      He was half way through pruning when I was there… It’ll be empty now… :( Wasnt a public orchard though…


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