Family Portraits – The Elders in Auckland

    A few days ago I had a fun shoot with the Elder family. First we went to The Wynyard Quarter, It  is a great place for lines and symmetry… something I am continually attracted to! Also, it’s a choice place for the kids to explore.

    We had to let Hannah have some fun in the water! So cute… she was chuffed to get her feet swooshed through the water by her dad. We had to drag her away though to escape the crowds and pop up to Point Erin Park…..

    I love these photos… I wish I had video sometimes actually…. the happiness in her face is just priceless.
    To me, a child with Down Syndrome has a happy face and smile that is somehow more happy than anyone elses…Just pure joy…. Sweet Hannah is the cherry on the top in this family just like my wee girl is in mine…

    Auckland Children's Photographer

    A few more portraits and avoiding mud, and we are done!…
    Check out these gorgeous kids faces!….

    Auckland Family Portraits

    FAMILY, It’s what it’s all about and to me and my clients photos like these are priceless and worth the extra effort. Thank you Elder family for a fun afternoon.

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    1. Tracey Elder
      October 18, 2011

      Wow! These photo’s are amazing! I can’t wait the share them with friends and family. Thank you, Nykie for such wonderful images and thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon.


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