Family At Home…. Titirangi, Auckland




    This is a family close to my heart. Like my family, they have a child with Down Syndrome.
    Charli came into this world with so much uncertainty. She has overcome some massive hurdles
    since her short time on earth. Quite frankly her parents have been through so much. It
    is hard enough coming to grips with a special needs child in the family, not to mention that
    child needing major heart sugery. ¬†Charli is so sweet… when I first laid eyes on her she made
    me “well up”….

    Her big brother Felix definitely stole the show during the shoot though… I had to come to his
    room and see him play……!

    DSC_6383 DSC_6386 DSC_6391 DSC_6395


    Charli can nearly sit up on her own, it’s so cool to see…

    DSC_6416 DSC_6419 DSC_6437 DSC_6440


    Nothing like some crazy family time in the big bed…….

    DSC_6453 DSC_6456


    Bubble blowing…….

    DSC_6510 DSC_6537


    Loads of Daddy snuggles….

    DSC_6549 DSC_6557 DSC_6575 DSC_6583 DSC_6585

    Pancake making… ¬†the apparatus to the left there is a tube stand to hold Charli’s milk.
    DSC_6597 DSC_6601 DSC_6603 DSC_6604 DSC_6606 DSC_6608 DSC_6610 DSC_6612 DSC_6616 DSC_6629 DSC_6634


    Jumping?, Sure, why not!

    DSC_6664 DSC_6681 DSC_6688 DSC_6689


    Thank you so much for having me over!!

    I could have stayed all day!


    Nyk xx

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