Newborn At Home, “Elodie”

    I LOVE my “Newborn at Home” shoots. Although I am publishing this blog in July 2014, I actually took these shots a whole year ago! I was wondering what little Elodie would look like now?, Perhaps walking? The BIGGEST reason I love these shoots, is that I know from having my three babies, that these first few months just go so immensely fast. If I close my eyes, I remember, I can still FEEL what it was like to be all snuggled up at home with your baby, while the world passes by outside around you. I loved that feeling. ┬áIt’s a truly special time.

    When I do these shoots, I come and simply hang out with you for a wee while. We capture loads of normal stuff that goes on. Nappy changes, feeds, cuddling, sleeping… and some little bits of bobs of your surroundings. Imagine when Elodie is old enough, she’ll looking through these photos with wonder.

    Enjoy xx ………………..


    Documentary style newborn

    Photography at home

    Newborn Unposed and natural

    Location lifestyle Photographer, Auckland

    Newborn Documentary Style



    Time for a tickle and relaxing on the bed……..

    Newborn baby on bed

    Baby girl on bed smiling





    At 8 weeks we could get some really cute expressions from her……


    Family Portrait, Photographer Auckland

    Baby photography



    Time to be wrapped & soothed to sleep……. nothing like being in Mummy’s Arms….

    Auckland Lifestyle Photographer

    Auckland Family Photographer

    Auckland newborn photography



    Wardrobe sorted!

    Baby clothing

    At Home Newborn


    Remember all the cards and thank yous? People sure do love a new baby :)






    Awake again, Daddy to the rescue……….

    Photos of baby with dad


    Newborn sleeping

    Baby girl with her mummy

    Auckland Baby Photography


    Nykie xx

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